Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to the Volunteer Opportunities Page. There are two different levels of volunteering here at Aftenro. The differentiation is the duration of intended service and focused activities. Someone who intends to volunteer with us for a short period of time or is unsure of length of intended commitment should join as an Aftenro Volunteer. If someone intends for long term commitment and willing to work one Thursday for 2 hours in the Country Store (similar to a gift shop) per 2 months, you should consider joining Friends of Aftenro instead. Regardless of the which one you choose, all volunteers are required to undergo volunteer orientation. 

Aftenro Volunteers

Volunteers can do a variety of task in our facility. Volunteers can align hours with tasks of interest. Some things Aftenro Volunteers do such as help with outings, assist with decorating facility bulletin boards, assist with various parties and celebrations. 

Aftenro Volunteer Sign-up Form

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Friends of Aftenro

Friends of Aftenro members of course can do the same things as Aftenro Volunteers, because they are Aftenro Volunteers! In addition to being an Aftenro Volunteer, Friends of Aftenro is the next level of Volunteering here. Friends of Aftenro is a group of volunteers that throw the quarterly resident birthday parties, decorate for Christmas, and run the country store 2 hours per week  (1p-3p) on Thursday (rotated between members so about once every few months). 

Friends of Aftenro Sign-up Form

Thank you to all of our current and former volunteers. It is with the continued support of the community that we are able to continue to do what we do. Again, THANK YOU!
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