Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health

Feeling good is about more than just your physical health. In fact, there are several factors that may affect your overall mood.  Here are 10 tips to keep you feeling your best:

  1. Go outside.  Spending time outdoors can make you feel better — even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Try to get regular exposure to natural light, as much as you are able to.  Go outside even when it’s cloudy; a small amount of natural light is better than none at all.
  1. Take vitamin supplements.  If your body is running short on nutrients such as magnesium or zinc, your brain might be running short on chemicals that regulate mood and keep you in good spirits.
  1. Watch your diet.  Refined carbohydrates such as table sugar and fruit juice concentrates do nothing for your mental health.  However, protein-rich foods such as chicken, salmon and beans can give your brain a boost.  Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are also part of a balanced, healthy diet.
  1. Exercise.  Staying active can release feel-good chemicals, boost your self-esteem and give you another reason to go outdoors or stay connected with other people.  Even low-impact activities like golf or tai chi are great ways to keep your body moving.
  1. Hit the hay.  Let your body and mind recharge with a good night’s rest.  Establish a regular sleep routine and try to stick to it every night.
  1. Try something new.  Play a new game. Join a new club. Try new foods. Learn a new skill.  Having something new to look forward to and a hobby get excited about can be invigorating.
  1. Volunteer.  Helping others can help you find a new sense of purpose and value in your talents and presence.
  1. Set limits. An overextended schedule saps your energy. Take regular breaks, including vacations (or staycations). If you’re feeling drained, look for things to cut out from your weekly to-dos.
  1. Laugh.  Laughter is good for your immune system and your mood!
  1. Take time to reflect.  Prayer and/or meditation can offer you perspective and provide opportunities for reflection, gratitude and peace.